Harker Herbals approached White Design to assist with the rebranding of it’s range of herbal tonics. The products have a strong following of users and the remedies have been passed on from the previous generation so altering a brand to capture a wider (younger) market while retaining the warmth and vitality of the existing brand that current users are familiar with is a design challenge in itself. The previous packaging had dated and it was time to bring the products into the twenty-first century. The main stakeholders wanted to retain the vibrant colours and authenticity of the packaging but introduce a modern twist to the appeal that was simplified, modern and contained clear messaging of what the product was used for. We proposed the idea of changing the product names so consumers immediately understood the tonics purpose. Illustrated silhouettes of herbs that are used to make the products were added to the front and created strong visual appeal. Solid coloured areas reinforced the products potency and also acted as a colour system for easy navigational purposes. The final result exceeded the clients expectations and brand has gone from strength to strength out performing competitor products.